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  1. MotorT says:

    Hi Chuck, Love the No BS Woodworking.

    I also wanted to comment on the ‘Workshop Demos’ they had the inventor of ‘Saw Stop’ or quoted his disappointment that California, shot down a new Law, requiring a Saw stop in every Table saw.

    One thing that is never talked on any of these comments is what happens if there is a lightning strike. According to the New 2011 National Electrical Code, all table saws equiped with Saw Stop must be hard wired to the Electrical Panel or local panel where the Table saw is required.

    I mention lightning because it is a common occurance, whether anyone like to admit it or not. Case in point, In 1970, a New Code came out and included a new product called the Ground Fault Circuit Intrrupter or GFCI for shot or simply GFI. They were origanally only installed in Bathrooms.

    The point, in 30 years since that installaton in about the year 2000, it was finally noticed that these receptacles were working fine except the Electronics in them had been smoked years ago by an inadvertant Lightning strike. the circuit would pop and it would reset just fine and continue to work but there was no ground fault protecttion. One of the manufactureers ‘leviton’ developed a brand new version that once the electronics was fried, it could not be reset.

    So my question to them is, has this device been tested for lightning protection, or a transformation explodes and causes a line surge and smokes this puppy, Then you are out some serious money. or will it just smoke the Electronic parts and continue to run and have no protection at all.

    Also I wanted to say How impressed I am with this NO BS Woodworking. Learned a lot of new stuff. The miters on the corners of boxes for bottom or Tops is really something. Watched the ‘Chisel Excersize’ 3 times and Learn something new at each session. Oh and on Finishing, I like the idea of the tints and dyes too. I never used Tung Oil before but got a can and will try that real soon.

    Thanks again, Chuck

    Mark Gray.

  2. MotorT says:


    Just read your introduction to season 2 and how your wife is doing. I can certainly appreciate your concern, I was there a couple of years ago. And is the most frightening experience imaginable. God Bless, you and your wife.


    Mark Gray.