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  1. garvancarver says:

    Merry Christmas!

    I mentioned something about your lathe after the first episode. I have a used Conover that I bought this summer, and have not done much with it. It seems like my motor bounces a bit and adds some vibration. I see that your motor mount is up on an attached board- I have not seen that anywhere else with the Conovers. I seem also to be missing the outboard hand wheel that young “Tim” was feverishly spinning. If you have a source for parts, I sure could use the outboard wheel and maybe a second toolrest holder…

    Thanks, John

  2. corigljj says:

    Great Show!!

  3. Chuck says:


    The motor mount is something I added because I couldn’t get the motor mounted on the ways given the length of the belt on the headstock. Conover supplied a template for attaching the motor mounts to the ways and I just improvised the extra block in order to use their method. Parts are hard to come by at this point. If I come across extras, I’ll let you know.


    Glad you enjoyed it. Hopefully, entertaining and educational.