No BS Woodworking FAQ

What is No BS Woodworking?

No BS Woodworking is a subscription based internet woodworking show hosted by Charles “Chuck” Bender. You’ll learn woodworking tips, tricks and methods from a 30+ year professional period furniture maker with a national reputation as one of the best furniture makers in the United States.


How often do the shows air?

No BS Woodworking airs 26 episodes per year usually on a weekly basis from November through April.


What time does the show air?

No BS Woodworking episodes air Saturday evenings at 8pm eastern but is available to members at their convenience once each episode airs.


How much does it cost to watch the show?

Currently there are 4 different price levels for No BS Woodworking.


You can:

  • Purchase individual shows at $14.95
  • Subscribe on a monthly basis for $25.00 per month
  • Subscribe on a semi-annual basis for $125.00 per half year
  • Subscribe for an entire year for $200.00 per year

For more information on the subscription packages, click here.


How is billing handled for subscriptions?

Individual episodes are billed at the time of purchase. Subscriptions are billed on a recurring basis through PayPal. You will need a PayPal account to purchase a subscription but you do not need a PayPal account to purchase individual episodes.


If I subscribe, will I have access to all previous episodes of No BS Woodworking?

Your subscription begins from the date you subscribe and goes forward from that point. Previous seasons of No BS Woodworking are available to subscribers at a discounted rate.


What happens after the season ends in April?

No BS Woodworking enters its rerun season beginning in May. We repeat all the shows aired during the season. This way, if you’re a monthly subscriber who joined part of the way through the season, you will be able to watch all the episodes for that season. For semi-annual and annual subscribers, there are additional benefits to subscribing. Click here for further details.


Do I need special equipment or software to watch No BS Woodworking?

No. No BS Woodworking streams in an adaptive player which will work with most devices and configurations.


Can I download the episodes to watch on my computer, iPad or Android device?

Yes. Each weekly episode of No BS Woodworking is available as an mp4 file free for download regardless of how which method you use to access the show.


Do you have an iOS or Android App?

The No BS Woodworking app will soon be available through iTunes and the Google Play store. Check back for further details.


Can I watch episodes through Facebook?

Yes. You can access No BS Woodworking through Facebook by clicking here. You’ll need to have a Facebook account. Through Facebook you can purchase individual episodes or subscribe at any level for No BS Woodworking. You can pay with a credit card or Facebook credits.



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