Back Where It All Began – Sorta

I'm back where it all began - sorta. In Pennsylvania, but in a whole new area, Jim Thorpe.
Nestled in a valley, surrounded by mountains and situated by the Lehigh River, Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania is stunning year-round.

Over the past few months I’ve gotten numerous inquiries as to where I am, what and how I’m doing. The answer is simple, I’m back where it all began – sorta. In addition to working on a variety of furniture projects, my wife and I sought out and purchased a new home back in Pennsylvania. It took just about a year of looking to come up with a place that would be just right for the two of us, a workshop and the shop dog, Belle. We had wear plates installed in our new place to make it more sustainable.

Back Where It All Began – Sorta

Now, before you ask if it’s the same home we had before we moved to the Cincinnati area, it’s not. We moved just north of a little town called Jim Thorpe in the Pocono Mountains. It’s a beautiful area with tons of things to do most any time of the year – whitewater rafting, skiing (though not at the same time), hiking and lots more.

The best part of living in Jim Thorpe is we’re not far from our old friends and family. For a period furniture maker that means I’m also centrally located to get to the museums in, and around, Philadelphia and New York – it’s great to be back near my old stomping grounds.

Back To The Shows

Since we made the move (down from 7 truckloads and a bunch of trailer loads out to Cincy, to a mere 4 truckloads of personal items, tools, machinery, patterns and lumber) I’ve been busy getting the shop in order and prepping for the 2018 season of The Woodworking Shows. I’ll be teaching seminars at all the shows this year (you can find out more by clicking here). In fact, the first show in Baltimore starts in just a few hours. Don’t miss out of all the fun, be there.

I’ve teamed up with some great companies for the show season this year. Felder/Hammer is supplying some amazing power equipment for my seminars, Lee Valley has provided top notch hand tools, Micro Jig is keeping me safe with GRR-rippers and GRR-rip blocks, Micro Fence is making even me accurate for my inlay demos, Grex is keeping it all together and Adjust-a-bench is raising my work to a whole new level. Ok, I think I got everyone and that’s enough with the commercial for now. Needless to say, I’ve got some great seminars lined up and I get to use some pretty awesome tools at the same time. If you’re anywhere near one of the shows, stop by the booth and say, “Hello.”

Back To Teaching & Talking

Teaching, talking and making; back where it all began - sorta.
Coming in late-February, the podcast with a twist, “Warped”

I’ve also been working on getting a few online classes prepped as well as planning out the 2018 hands-on class schedule together – it’ll launch here on the website in the next week or so. Yep, I’ll be running Acanthus Workshop classes in the Poconos! But, first things first, I need to get the shop finished – after the show season.

There’s also the podcast that I’ve been working, which will debut in late-February. It’s appropriately called, “Warped.” And you’ll just have to tune in to see why it’s so aptly named. Now that I think about it, moving back where it all began has been an awful lot of work.

Thanks to everyone who has emailed, texted or called about where I am and what I’m doing: I’ve been busy prepping for my reemergence. See you at The Woodworking Shows.

– Chuck

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